Intelligence based advice in opaque environments and situations
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In a rapidly changing and complex world, accurate and reliable advice upon which to base key business decisions and strategies is critical for success. At CTD Advisors, our experts provide intelligence-based strategic advice to a wide range of global corporations, investors, financial institutions, HNW families and sovereign entities to make informed decisions and help navigate their way around unpredictable, challenging and opaque global markets and environments. Our targeted research, knowledge of the issue and access to well-placed information sources allow our intelligence experts to provide the advice and results our clients need.
‘Connecting the dots’ to make informed business decisions in today’s complex geopolitics and economics


Drawing on our information networks, intelligence, insight and experience at CTD Advisors, we work with our clients to maximise their understanding of a range of factors including the operating environment, business sector, international partners, political dynamics and clients. We focus on actionable, forward-looking intelligence, and how it can be leveraged to manage risks and gain competitive business advantage.

  • Geopolitical Due Diligence
  • Crises Management
  • Geoeconmic Strategy
  • Strategic Relationships
  • Reputation Management
  • Effective Negotiations

  • Unmatched experience - our senior advisors have unique experience of intelligence and geopolitics at the highest levels.
  • Integrated support – navigation through the complex and intertwined threads of politics, business, regulations and economics.
  • Knowledge - access to intelligence networks, corporate ambassadors and regional geopolitical consultants in emerging markets.
  • Tailored approach – our senior leadership work closely with clients to understand their issues and provide the necessary bespoke strategic advice.
  • Diverse team – experienced multilingual team of consultants from politics, business, banking, communication, management consulting, international development, diplomacy, military and security services backgrounds.
  • Competitive edge – evidence-based intelligence underpins our strategic advice to support informed business decisions and mitigate reputational and geopolitical risk.
  • Creating certainty – research and knowledge-based business strategy assessments in uncertain political environments.

    Air Marshal Chris Nickols

    Senior Client Advisor

    Sir Mark Lyall Grant

    Senior Client Advisor

    Shoaib Bajwa

    Managing Director

    Lord Stuart Polak

    Senior Client Advisor


    Typically, our clients include law firms, the oil and gas sector, defence companies, energy firms, financial institutions and HNW families who have business interests to manage in emerging markets. When they have a project in mind – anything from;

  • Raising capital from China for an investment venture
  • Entry into a defence sector of a foreign market in Middle East
  • Dispute resolution in the mining sector in Africa
  • An EDD/money laundering/fraud investigation in South Asia
  • Understanding local geopolitical landscape for Oil & Gas business in Central Asia
  • Issuing a bond for a high-risk country in South America
  • An investment for an upstream project in Central Africa
  • Conducting an economic sanctions assessment on a potential commodities client in Central America

  • We provide independent advice to supplement quantitative calculations, ensuring our clients have greater visibility and understanding of the issues affecting their reputation and business success.


    Engagement 1

    A UK-based defence company with a footprint in the Middle East and South Asia was faced with serious international security and geopolitical issues that threatened its core business and revenues. CTD Advisors worked closely with its senior leadership and mapped out the situation, thoroughly analysing the challenges facing the client to develop an intelligence-based, forward-looking, business strategy.
    • CTD Advisors was successful in identifying the relevant public and private stakeholders and advised the client on its engagement and negotiation strategy to develop long-term partnerships. These focusing on critical business ties in Washington DC and London.
    • The client leadership was also provided with strategic advice, which allowed it to successfully formulate a strategy to minimise future international geopolitical business risks.

    Engagement 2

    A global, natural resources conglomerate with a portfolio of mining assets in East Africa required private intelligence-based advice on a potential local business partner for a new investment to complement the conglomerates financial projections, manage its reputational risk and minimise long term geo-economic risk. The investment was secured through a competitive bid process in the highly-politically-sensitive country.
    • CTD Advisors gathered all relevant requirements from the client and developed a comprehensive plan to engage the correct intelligence sources, gathered and assessed the required information, and completed a thorough independent assessment.
    • A research and evidence-based highly confidential intelligence advice was provided, supplemented by CTD Advisors’ knowledge and experience, to address the client’s issues of concern.

    Engagement 3

    A New York listed, aviation company with business interests in Central Asia and Africa required intelligence-based advice to help understand and address a sudden change in the geopolitical landscape in a Central Asian country crucial to its operations, which risked damaging the client’s local business and global revenues. CTD Advisors was quick to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the situation, providing detailed analysis of the geopolitical and geo-economic circumstances surrounding the issue. From there,
    • CTD Advisors developed and implemented a multi-dimensional engagement strategy to resolve the difficulties and worked closely with the client to ensure it developed an extensive set of strategic relationships with key local actors to strengthen their long-term position within the country.

    Engagement 4

    An Asian, Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) family with investments in real estate, energy resources and tourism was faced with a sudden and unexpected change in the geopolitical landscape in a Southern African country critical to the family’s investment portfolio. This risked damaging the client’s reputation, investment returns and legal situation. CTD Advisors was asked to provide an evidence-based intelligence to develop a crises communication strategy and to prepare for any possible legal disputes. CTD Advisors conducted a comprehensive assessment of the situation and completed a detailed analysis of the geopolitical and geo-economic circumstances surrounding the challenge on the ground.
    • Eventually, CTD Advisors provided an intelligence-based advice to help the family understand the underlying issues relating to the sudden policy change, including the potential legal threats
    • The intelligence-based advise helped the client to implement a multi-dimensional engagement strategy aimed at resolving the difficulties with its stakeholders and preparing for possible international arbitration.


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