Engagement 4

An Asian, Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) family with investments in real estate, energy resources and tourism was faced with a sudden and unexpected change in the geopolitical landscape in a Southern African country critical to the family’s investment portfolio. This risked damaging the client’s reputation, investment returns and legal situation. CTD Advisors was asked to provide an evidence-based intelligence to develop a crises communication strategy and to prepare for any possible legal disputes. CTD Advisors conducted a comprehensive assessment of the situation and completed a detailed analysis of the geopolitical and geo-economic circumstances surrounding the challenge on the ground.

  • Eventually, CTD Advisors provided an intelligence-based advice to help the family understand the underlying issues relating to the sudden policy change, including the potential legal threats
  • The intelligence-based advise helped the client to implement a multi-dimensional engagement strategy aimed at resolving the difficulties with its stakeholders and preparing for possible international arbitration.